Successful end-of-course recitals


We are very happy with the way the 2013/2014 year went and examples of this are the magnificent recitals we had from the students during this last month.
On 5 June in the main classroom of l’Estudi Musical the 3rd term instrumental recital for children was held.
On 16 June, this time in the Fundación Valvi’s magnificent Miquel Martí i Pol Hall, it was the turn of the end-of-course instrumental recital for boys and girls.
And finally, on 16 June, also in the Fundación Valvi, it was the adults who gave a demonstration of everything they had learned during the year.
We would like to publicly thank the Fundación Valvi for lending us the facilities and the support it always gives to promoting and disseminating music.



Enrolment open for the 2016/17 year

You can now register for the wide range of music classes we have prepared for the 2016/17 year, and which will begin in September. Classes for all ages, levels and in different languages.  You’ll find all the information on the courses here. For further information and enrolment, here


Upcoming auditions March to l'Estudi Musical

This May will be held two hearings on the premises of l'Estudi Musical: Thursday 26 May- 18:00h Listening students - Open to everyone Participation of students of different ages and instruments





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